March 2002 archive

Mar 20

Spring – Sprung

At 2:16pm, Eastern Standard Time, spring – sprung. It also happens that this morning I noticed new, green buds on a tree outside my balcony for the first time this year. And it’s raining. – All very appropriate for Spring. It use to be that Spring was my least favorite time of the year due …

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Mar 15

Not Soon Enough

The Ides of March. It’s 70 degrees. My porch door is open. Spring can not come soon enough.

Mar 08

Computer Weary

Upgrades Can Be Downgrading I’ve been burned out on computers for several weeks now. During the new year I added a new printer that acted like a virus and really messed my system for awhile. Since I had to fix many printer related problems I took the opportunity to upgrade my system from 8.6 to …

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