April 2002 archive

Apr 08

Oft hope is born when all is forlorn

The Fellowship of the Ring I’ve seen the Lord of the Rings > The Fellowship of the Ring for the sixth time. I was driven to see the movie this last time, in large part due to the four minute trailer for the Two Towers that has been added at the end. The following passages …

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Apr 03

Roger, Roger. What’s our vector, Victor?

This is Your Captain Speaking… You’re at the airport. You go through extensive “security”. You board the multi million dollar jet that must function flawlessly under extremes of speed, temperature and altitude so that you, your fellow travelers and countless people on the ground are not injured. You sit back in your seat in this …

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Apr 02


Terror, terror, who’s got the terror? Have you noticed that terror is the new catch phrase being used to justify all means of inhumanity, (censorship and invasion of privacy)? How is the US defining terror? How is the US defining its policy towards terror? Are suicide bombings against civilians terror? Hasn’t President Bush’s doctrine on …

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Apr 01

The Goblet of Fire

Mr. Potter… I finished the fourth Harry Potter book – The Goblet of Fire last night. Since last summer I’ve read all of the books and quite enjoyed them. But this fourth book has been the best since The Sorcerer (Philosopher’s) Stone. They are obviously aimed for younger readers but that said, the fourth (and …

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