July 2013 archive

Jul 10

Lusus Naturae Menus

Scary insane pig wants eaten to end its misery (iPhone Photo by Your Host)

We stopped at Pittsburgh’s Rocky’s Route 8 on June 6th after work, interested to try someplace new to eat. The food wasn’t great but we managed to get some funny pictures at least. This Little Piggy Wants to Eat Your Soul We had to wait more than an hour for mediocre wings and a hamburger, …

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Jul 06

What’s Old is New Again

With a little elbow grease, I’ve dusted off the first of my legacy website posts and present them framed within the latest iteration of GlenGreen.com. These old posts were languishing in purgatory but now I’ve setup permanent redirects and moved the first year – 2001 to the 2012 redesigned site. 2001 represented some of my …

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Jul 01

June 2013 – Quote of the Month

If ever there was a slamming of the door in the face of constructive investigation, it is the word miracle. To a medieval peasant, a radio would have seemed like a miracle. ― Richard Dawkins