Category: Legacy World View – 2001

Ah! Who remembers 2001? - A Space Odyssey - minus the sentient killer computers, space travel and aliens. At least 2001had some of my first tentative posts on the inner-webs. Please enjoy then: a blast from the past - these essays are from an early version of, dusted off and polished for your browsing enjoyment!

Dec 17

Credit Where Credit is Due

I originally credited Ron Edwards for much of the inspiration for publishing a Web site. I now need to credit Teddy Carroll* for much of the inspiration for improving my Web site. I intend to take some direct cues from Teddy, such as a note on the book(s) I’m reading, the music I’m listening and …

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Dec 16

The First Redesign

I’m going to try and rework this site a bit. When I first laid it out I put zero thought into structure or design. But since I have done a fairly faithful job of updating the site I’ve decided to try and tweak the site to make it a bit less sloppy. I still don’t …

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