Mar 08

Computer Weary

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Upgrades Can Be Downgrading

I’ve been burned out on computers for several weeks now. During the new year I added a new printer that acted like a virus and really messed my system for awhile.

Since I had to fix many printer related problems I took the opportunity to upgrade my system from 8.6 to 9.2. This upgrade did not go handily, in fact I’m still not done. The differences between system 8.6 and 9.2 are pretty fundamental and have meant that I’ve needed to upgrade most of my considerable stockpile of software as well. – I dread the idea of upgrading to OS X at this point.

My computer exhaustion was also worsened by problems I discovered on the (private) Friends and Family portion of this site after I’d spent many hours adding a new section to it.

All of this upgrading and trouble shooting has made me particularly computer weary as of late and I haven’t even been turning my computer on at nights, let alone updating my site. (Keep in mind that I also sit in front of a PeeCee eight hours a day, that alone is enough to make anyone sick of technology.)

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