Jul 31


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I hadn’t been to a drive-in since my early twenties. That’s some time ago. With summer at hand, and a plan to take Friday July 24th off of work, we found ourselves free to stay out late on a Thursday night (avoiding crowds), so we headed out to the Moon Township ‘Dependable’ drive-in.

We drove about an hour, sat in lawn chairs in fleece jackets in the cool summer air, endured neighboring cars shining headlights into our eyes, watched the Minions movie in a distant screen and listened to thin, tinny sound through old speakers mounted on a pole next to us. My 75 inch high-def TV and surround sound offers far superior visuals and sound.

Funnel Cake and Drive-in speaker

We had pizza, a corn dog, popcorn and funnel cake buried under powdered sugar. Drive-in health food.

Sunset at the drive-in snack bar

Sunset on the drive-in snack bar.

Classic Drive in screen: For Delicious Tasty Treats Visit Our Refreshment Center

A wonderful, vintage snack bar intermission between the double features.

… And yet it was wonderful. – A slice of Americana; a dream of summer internal; a heartfelt pull of childhood nostalgia. I salute the proprietors the ‘Dependable’: the staff was friendly, the food was good and they clearly had a love of the vintage heyday of drive-ins.

I’ll happily do it again.

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