Mar 29

Electric Libraries and Thigh-high Mud

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Some days the internet is a wonder, where I feel my mind pulled at light speed through a nearly infinite maze of electric libraries and forums – each more interesting than the last. Other days, it’s a slog through thigh-high mud just to answer the door for a spammer or inane Facebook post.

My evening started with a series of Wiki posts with links that led from one fascinating article to the next: so much so even one essay would led me to open several tabs to new articles. – My reading list growing exponentially.

And then I made the mistake of switching to Facebook briefly… Sigh.

I have a love / hate relationship with Facebook. On the positive side, I’ve reconnected with old friends and found that, even 20 or more years after having last spoken with them that we have great simpatico. I also enjoy reading about friends who are far flung to the corners of the world. And even the posts of many I see everyday can be fun or enlightening.

But these are often outweighed by the junk posts: inane comments, dreadful thoughtlessness, and mindless glurge.

And many of my best friends are either not very involved with Facebook or actively hate it, which means that I don’t get to follow the daily happenings or passing insights of some of the people who interest me the most.

I’m not at all sure how to properly handle this dichotomy. I probably just need to unplug for awhile. Right after this next Wiki article…

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