Jun 28

I Expect More from a Dinosaur

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It’s free and it has Dinosaurs, other than that, Jurassic Park Builder for the iPad has no redeeming values as a game and yet, sadly, I keep ‘playing’ it.

I put, ‘playing’ in scare quotes because there is virtually nothing in the game that requires any skill with the possible exception of the ‘The Code Red’ when a storm is unleashed on the island, requiring the player to touch each carnivorous dinosaur within a few seconds before time runs out.

Other than that, the game is nothing more than collecting coins and spending them on buildings, dinosaurs and clearing land for more of the same. The game lacks any charm or challenge found in good simulation games since there are no bad decisions to be made.

That said, the game has moderately good production value – with decent graphics, particularly considering that it is free. But really, the game just exists to try and get players to spend real dollars to buy upgrades or to participate in marketing promotions. (Neither of which I do.)

So, why do I play it? Because my iPad sits next to me on a table at home when I’m watching TV and on the occasion that I’m watching something that hasn’t been DVRed, I kill three minutes of commercial time by clicking on dinosaurs to watch the animations and gain coins so that I can engineer more dinosaurs. This is entertainment equivalent of chewing cud.

Jurassic Park Builder game screen shot

Jurassic Park Builder screen shot

Mr. Hammond, after careful consideration, I’ve decided – not to endorse your park.

– Dr. Alan Grant

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