Dec 17

Credit Where Credit is Due

I originally credited Ron Edwards for much of the inspiration for publishing a Web site. I now need to credit Teddy Carroll* for much of the inspiration for improving my Web site. I intend to take some direct cues from Teddy, such as a note on the book(s) I’m reading, the music I’m listening and the movies I’m watching.

One of the tricks I’m still trying to solve relates to how much content I should make public and how much I should password protect. My general litmus test is, ‘What would I not want a con man to know about me or my friends?” I’m open to suggestions on the matter.

[important]* Sadly, since this essay was first published in 2001, Teddy’s site has gone the way of the dodo. A loss, I can assure you. [/important]

Dec 16

The First Redesign

I’m going to try and rework this site a bit. When I first laid it out I put zero thought into structure or design. But since I have done a fairly faithful job of updating the site I’ve decided to try and tweak the site to make it a bit less sloppy. I still don’t intend to worry about aesthetics too much but I hope that the informational structure will be improved.

During this reconstruction the majority of the site will be down. Hopefully I can update it by small but sure measures.

Clicking on “Friends & Family News” at the top will still ask you for the same password. After it has been entered you will be directed to the “Friends & Family News” page.

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