Apr 03

Roger, Roger. What’s our vector, Victor?

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This is Your Captain Speaking…

You’re at the airport. You go through extensive “security”. You board the multi million dollar jet that must function flawlessly under extremes of speed, temperature and altitude so that you, your fellow travelers and countless people on the ground are not injured. You sit back in your seat in this modern day marvel of engineering as the captain activates the intercom to relay some important information to the passengers. “Crkkkkk, myrpilet smekin, thr sms tob tcnikl prblm wi trblnc u ma shl bckl yr seet blt.”

They can make a multi ton tube of metal hurtle through the stratosphere at 400 miles per hour but they can’t make the speakers work. – My car has speakers that work!

Does this ever give anyone else pause?

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