Spring – Sprung

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At 2:16pm, Eastern Standard Time, spring – sprung.

It also happens that this morning I noticed new, green buds on a tree outside my balcony for the first time this year.

And it’s raining. – All very appropriate for Spring.

It use to be that Spring was my least favorite time of the year due to the exceptional amount of rain. Spring also use to seem like a tease, one day it would be warm and maybe even sunny and the next it would be cold and raining again. But more and more spring reminds me that Summer is coming. (And for me, it always feels like Summer my mid to late May, even if it is still technically Spring.)

I love summer, it’s is easily my favorite time of the year and the least gray and overcast. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good moody, overcast day on occasion but Pittsburgh seems to have more than it’s fair share. And by the time Spring comes, I’m more than ready for the world to have some color in it again.

Unfortunately the day also started with three idiots.

Idiot number 1:

Driving slow in the fast lane, the moron almost made me miss my turn on my drive to work.

Idiot number 2:

As I put my turn signal on to turn into the parking lot this morning I noticed another car coming from the opposite direction with no turn signal. This morning cuts me off, without a turn signal and pulls in ahead of me.

Idiot number 3:

As I’m waiting in line to catch my shuttle into work I notice a smoker standing in front of me. As the shuttle pulls up this moron tosses her cigarette into a drain even though she is not two feet away from a trash can!*
I made sure that I spritzed her with my umbrella as I shook it off onto her.

*Note: One should never throw their trash onto the ground, and that certainly means cigarettes. Not being near a trash can is not an excuse. However, being near a trash can and littering makes an ignorant, moronic behavior, ten fold more ignorant and more moronic.