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And the Award for Most Wasteful Packaging Goes To…

Wasteful Amazon packaging for climbing slings.

The chain we use to hang our hammock has gotten tight as the trees have grown. I decided to replace them with webbing. So, along with a number of other items, I ordered two climbing slings at the same time. I received a few boxes including one each for the webbing slings.  It was actually …

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Dismembered Drawings

Dismembered eyeball drawing

I’ve been doing some significant reorganization which has required combing through lots of stuff I haven’t looked at for ages. Among some of the containers I found old drawings. Here are two that I did – probably when I was in eighth grade. I’m pretty sure that the drawings that I did then would not …

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February 2018 – Quote of the Month

“The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.” ~Oscar Wilde

Nobody Puts Baby in a Box

Sterilite container with lid inside

Doing some more organizing around the house which means more bins and labels! I have to say, this warning label has saved me from a lot of embarrassing situations… Seriously though: every hospital should have to show this label to every parent of a newborn before allowing the parents to take the baby home. The …

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Fluffy Pillow or ET Arms


Shopping at a local Sears Outlet, my eye was caught by a comfy looking pillow. Looking closer, I see that the manufacturer was kind enough to provide an illustrated guide on how to use the pillow. Looking closer yet, I noticed the girl with the E.T. Arms. Ouuuuch… (PS. * Yes: I know, the pillow …

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Roger, Roger. What’s our vector, Victor?

This is Your Captain Speaking… You’re at the airport. You go through extensive “security”. You board the multi million dollar jet that must function flawlessly under extremes of speed, temperature and altitude so that you, your fellow travelers and countless people on the ground are not injured. You sit back in your seat in this …

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Computer Weary

Upgrades Can Be Downgrading I’ve been burned out on computers for several weeks now. During the new year I added a new printer that acted like a virus and really messed my system for awhile. Since I had to fix many printer related problems I took the opportunity to upgrade my system from 8.6 to …

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