Mar 30

Clown and Pig have Bad Intentions

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Have you ever watched a horror film that depicted a possessed or evil doll and thought that it stretches credulity to think that anybody would ever buy such a creepy looking toy in real life?

Annabelle the doll

Annabelle the doll from the 2014 movie says, ‘Take me home. What could go wrong?’

Chucky Doll

Chucky from the 1981 movie “Child’s Play” has eyes that only a serial killer could find enticing.

Well, wonder no more. I spotted these two evil stuffed toys leering out from the bin of an arcade claw game in a local Steak ‘n Shake, just waiting to dine on the flesh and soul of some foolish suburban family.

Stuffed Clown and Pig with Bad Intentions

Stuffed Clown and Pig will drink the warm blood of your children.

“Here you go kids. – Enjoy your new stuffed toys and sweet dreams!”

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