May 22

Twelve Years

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‘2001’ still sounds like the future to me. Hell, I grew up watching Space 1999 and could hardly fathom that far flung future when we’d have cool spaceships like the Eagle Transporter.

But now, 2001 seems but a mere moment ago and yet, twelve years ago today I launched the first crude instance of Glen Green Dot Com. And a year ago today, I gave the site an extensive technical overhaul.

During those twelve years, I’ve managed to post to both my World View and Friends and Family sections at least once a month. That’s a minimum of 288 posts, not counting the Quote of the Month updates.

And yet after more than a decade, I still find myself wrestling with my expectations for this site. As I’ve commented before, the balance between personal privacy and having a soapbox to stand on is a breezy high-wire act that often leaves me off balance.

I’d like to post more often here, but I have a number of online sites that need feeding. I’ll admit that there is a good chance that’s a mistake. Perhaps I’m just raising a number of underfed babies as opposed to one healthy one. But those other sites have stemmed from my desire to keep the professional and personal at some distance from each other.

But besides my larger web presence, I have other constraints on my time like having to earn a living and having something of a life away from the computer. And my muse has the annoying habit of visiting me when I can’t post and deserting me when I have the time.

But, I still find merit in writing here if for no other reason, because I do get a kick out of reading past posts from time to time – it is a strange but entertaining measure of one’s time and life. And I often wish that my friends, who I of course find interesting, would do something similar. Facebook is alright but it lends itself more to sound bites than insights.

Well, I have no new site policies or philosophies to roll out. – Today, I’m here just to raise a glass of salute to one of my longest running projects – good, bad or boring, I’ve stuck with it and as always, I thank you for your kind patronage.

Happy 12th anniversary website!

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